Commercial Surveys

We offer commercial drone surveys that are quicker, cost-effective and safer than traditional surveys. Commercial surveys can be of benefit to basically any industry allowing to inspect and survey land, buildings and assets. Below is only a part of commercial drone surveys application in various industries.

Drone inspection of on- and offshore Wind farms provides visual and thermal images and video, access to inaccessible areas, and allows for preventive maintenance,  on-site analysis and condition assessment of the turbines’ rotor blade .

Power line inspections, which are usually quite expensive and time-consuming, can be easily performed by drones.

Drone application in Conservation works has proven very efficient by providing vegetation  and water mapping.

Drone surveys in Mining can provide geo-referenced 3D maps, digital terrain models and digital surface models of the mining site, as well as information on the exact volume of stockpiles and areas to be excavated. 

We perform detailed civil engineering and surveying services to help Road construction and a wide range of infrastructure projects.

Ship inspections done by drones ensure safety and inspection quality. Drones can fly into cargo tanks and identify rust, cracks or damaged coating. They can also check the condition of remote external components in bad offshore conditions.

Insurance companies have been using drones for a long time, to identify damages on hard-to-reach areas, such as roofs. They also utilise drones to reconstruct road accidents to verify the validity of insurance claims.

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