Solar PV installations

Solar PV Installations/ Solar Thermal Surveys

We offer drone services in the pre-construction, commissioning, operations & maintenance for any PV system and its surrounding infrastructure.

Topographic Surveys

An accurate topographic survey is a prerequisite prior to planning and designing a solar PV installation, and a drone survey is so far the best solution for achieving such accuracy. It produces 3D models, which empower installers with the necessary for the site planning geospatial information and precise energy estimates, that take into account the available sun hours at different tilt angles and the shading from the nearby trees or structures.

Site Inspections

Regular maintenance and servicing are vital for any existing PV solar system – residential or utility-scale, to ensure it continues to operate safely, correctly, and efficiently. Drones provide a great solution for solar site inspection by maximizing energy production and reducing man-hours, maintenance and repairs costs.

Thermal Surveys/ Mapping 

We offer thermal surveys/ mapping to identify any fault or damage in the solar PV installation. Faulty cells are easily detected by thermal cameras as they operate at a temperature different to normal cells. Our professional drones are equipped with thermal sensors and produce excellent quality data for complete solar panel analysis and thus find faults, obstructions and prevent any decrease in the efficiency of your solar PV system.

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